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About Cream

Cream was launched in spring 2004 and soon became a big success. Since then, the collections have grown with each season. Accordingly, Cream is represented in 14 international markets, and we are constantly adding new markets, sales staff and agents.

The Cream Girl

Cream is an international fashion brand with personality. It has been created for the extravagant girl who loves happy days, life and joy. She uses her wardrobe to reflect her strong personalit and loves changing it frequently and supplementing it with the latest designs and trends.

With Cream, she can pick and choose from a full concept brand with everything from outerwear to trendy tops, dresses, pants etc. Each season sees the addition of a new selection of accessories that match the trends of the time to give the collection the final and perfect touch of well-thought-out design, right down to the finest detail.

As well as having a unique sense of style that simply exudes personality, the Cream girl is ultra-feminine – both in her everyday routine and at parties. She accentuates this style with classic sweetness combined with embellishments, glitter and luxurious details.

Designer Trine Obel

My name is Trine Obel and I am a designer at Cream. Cream is a very feminine brand and thus I find inspiration in everything feminine and romantic. I always try to give the designs a twist so that the collection becomes everyday-like, showing the details and silhouettes of the time.

Designer Helle Dahse

My name is Helle Dahse and I am a designer at Cream. I have had the pleasure of working for the Cream team for the past 6 years. Right from day one, I have loved to work with the brand and all the lovely extravagant details. It is a challenge to be creative with a new collection but also I joyful challenge. I find my inspiration from almost everything having a feminine expression - it may be from beautiful accessories, a picture, fabric or maybe from trips in Europe and the Far East. I aim to make a product our customers appreciate.

Cream Clothing

Det handler om å tenke på detaljene! Og det har vært slik helt siden 2004 da CREAM kom til liv.
CREAM har i over et tiår feiret femininitet ved å by på et unikt, trendy signaturutseende
som snakker direkte til hjertet til kvinnen som forguder bohemsk luksus med et skandinavisk preg.
Hver kolleksjon er definert av detaljer i alle former, og fremhever CREAMs unikhet.

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